About N.S.IJ.V. Radboud Saints

N.S.IJ.V. Radboud Saints is the student icehockey club of the Radboud University Nijmegen. The team consists of enthusiastic ice hockey players, ranging from beginner to advanced levels with different backgrounds of study. We train every Thursday at our home rink of Triavium and we participate in the Student Competition of the Dutch Ice Hockey Association.

A short history
The Saints is a team that was founded in the late eighties and has played for years in the Student Hockey League (SHL). Through time, the team attracted and maintained a large group of players and as a result, the team promoted through the third to the second division. The club severed it’s links with the university and the phenomenon of student ice hockey died a silent death. A couple of young students, participating in a course offered by the Sport Centre of the university, noticed that the possibility to play student ice hockey at a high level had disappeared, which spurred them to form a team, in order to have an extra training hour. The Radboud Saints was a fact and student ice hockey was back in Nijmegen. The team sought membership of the Nijmegen Student Sport Council and since the season 2010-2011 Nijmegen is again represented in the Dutch Student Competition. This competition stems from the SHL in which the Saints used to play. Since 2011 the Radboud Saints have also participated in the annual Dutch Student Championship, in which it booked nice results: in 2011 the second place was reached and in 2014 we brought home the cup!